What We Stand For

 Jobs, Homes, Education, Services and a Living Wage for All

  • End low pay. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, with no exemptions.
  • A 35 hour working week without loss of pay, with sickness and vacation rights for all from day one of employment.
  • A living income for those who are unemployed, disabled, stay-at-home parents, seniors and others unable to work. Paid training for the unemployed.
  • Create living-wage union jobs for all the unemployed and underemployed through a massive public works program to develop mass transit, renewable energy and energy savings, healthcare, education, and affordable housing.
  • No cuts in public services. Stop privatization, casualization and Public Private Partnerships (P3s). Re-nationalize all public utilities and services which have been privatized.
  • Fully funded, high quality, free public education from early childhood to university. Abolish tuition fees. A living grant for all students. End the growing corporate domination of universities.
  • Fully funded and public health service to include dental, eye treatment and prescription drugs, with no user fees. A publicly owned pharmaceutical industry. Stop the creeping privatization of health.
  • Housing is a right: End homelessness. A mass program to build decent, safe and affordable public housing and renovate existing homes. Rent controls and security of tenure for private rentals.
  • Fully publicly funded and free to use community, sport, cultural and social facilities.
  • Tax the rich and corporations not working people.
  • For fighting, democratic unions run by and for the membership to campaign for better pay and working conditions. Organize the unorganized with a bold campaign particularly among youth, women and minority groups.
  • Full-time union officials should be regularly elected, subject to recall and receive the same wages as those they represent. Solidarity between unions and workers in struggle.
  • Repeal all anti-union laws. Full trade union rights for all from day one at work. Right to strike for all workers. No government back to work legislation. Fully enforce Health and Safety legislation.

 Equal Rights for All

  • Fight discrimination in all forms. Full equality regardless of gender, age, class, disability, race, language, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. Equal pay for work of equal value.
  • All public services to be fully accessible for people with disabilities.
  • End police harassment, brutality and institutional racism in the criminal justice system.
  • Full reproductive rights, including free, accessible birth control, counselling, free fertility treatment and sex education. Paid parental leave, comprehensive child benefit and high-quality, affordable childcare. Free abortion on demand.
  • Fight sexual harassment, violence against women, and all forms of sexism. Decent facilities and services for people experiencing domestic violence.
  • Equal rights for all immigrants regardless of status. Recognize international qualifications with government training to learn fluent French or English. Full rights of asylum.
  • Justice and solidarity among workers, whether migrants or Canadian. End cheap labour with full labour, human, and citizenship rights for all migrant workers in Canada.

 Environmental Sustainability

  • Fight climate change. Massive public investment in clean renewable energy, housing and building insulation and retrofitting, and energy saving to quickly move to a clean energy system.
  • Take the profit out of energy. Public ownership of the top energy companies to protect jobs and convert them to clean energy. Phase out the Tar Sands and nuclear power.
  • Invest in public transport to provide comprehensive, low fare, high-speed, and accessible mass transit. High quality freight and rapid inter-city rail.
  • Expand green jobs. Provide guaranteed paid re-training and new good paying jobs in socially-useful production for all workers in phased-out industries.
  • Provide healthy, safe and affordable food for all, with production conditions that protect the environment and treat animals humanely. Good working conditions for food workers.
  • End built-in obsolescence and waste. A full program of re-use and recycling.
  • Public ownership of natural resources, water and fisheries.
  • Democratic planning and management and public ownership to ensure protection of the environment, eco-systems and bio-diversity and social justice so the poor and working people do not pay for environmental actions. End subsidies to polluting and environmentally damaging companies.
  • For people and the planet, not profits.

 Democratic Rights and the Right to Self Determination

  • Public services and industries to be democratically run and controlled by workers, service users and society.
  • Defend the right of Quebec sovereignty; and for a socialist Quebec to be part of a voluntary socialist association of the Canadas.
  • The right to self-determination and self-government for all Aboriginal peoples. Abide by and respect treaties and resource rights. Immediate settlement of all remaining land claims. End poverty on reserves.
  • Abolish the monarchy and its powers in Canada. For full social and economic democracy.
  • For a voluntary socialist confederation of the Americas with full rights of autonomy and independence.

 Internationalism and Socialism

  • No Canadian involvement in foreign military interventions. Canada out of NATO. Slash military spending.
  • Oppose neo-colonial action by the Canadian government. End foreign exploitation by Canadian extractive corporations and banks.
  • Scrap the Softwood Lumber Agreement and NAFTA.
  • International solidarity with workers in struggle and support action to oppose corporate globalization and the neo-liberal agenda.
  • Capitalism produces poverty, inequality, environmental destruction and war. End Corporate Domination. Take into public ownership the commanding heights of the economy, the big corporations, banks and financial institutions that dominate the economy, to be run under democratic workers’ control and management. Compensation to be paid on the basis of proven need to small investors, not millionaires.
  • A socialist transformation of society which lays the bases for the democratic socialist planning of the economy based on the interests of the overwhelming majority of people and the environment.

 For a Socialist World

  • For a fighting democratic mass workers’ party.
  • For a democratic socialist Canada, the Americas and world.